Top 6 Must-Have Golfing Software Applications For Golf Lovers

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Last updated April 12, 2019

You may have noticed some of those amateur golfers continuously scanning their smartphones while on the course playing their favorite game of golf and you are left wondering why they are doing so. Well, you will be surprised if I tell you that they are actually not checking their emails or taking photographs of the very beautiful and immaculately landscaped surroundings or even texting their loved ones.

Actually, they are gauging the distance between the holes among the many other things happening on the course and at the same time, planning on their next shots. Apart from this, they are constantly recording and updating their improvements as the game progresses. Simply put, they are using a variety of golfing apps to help improve their gaming experience.

Here are some of the most used golfing apps today and that you too can download and install these goodies on your smartphone for improving your game.


This golfing app is developed by an Arizona based developer going by the name of Shotzoom Software. It comes boasting of really impressive and useful features, PGA Tour License tag included. The app offers data and maps on more than 40,000 courses spread throughout the world. And these all can be downloaded or accessed through a set address on a cloud server.

As it is, TOURCaddie combines an advanced yardage book, expert caddie sort of an assistance and data on how you are scoring after every shot. Simply put, this app will recommend the best clubs for each shot, advice you when to layup and the best layup spots on each hole.

The app operates on an iOS and of late on Android platform, with the basic version being free to download, install and use. The pro-style version comes with many additional features such as the all favorite caddie assist feature and will cost you around $30.00 per year. There is also another version that goes by the name TOURAcademy that comes packed with features such as visual playing tips and drills by a professional golfing instructor. This version will cost you around $10 per download.

Golf Channel

This is a golfing news software application that runs on iOS and Android platforms. It keeps the golfer up to date with the latest golfing happenings around the world. For example, a golfer can get the latest PGA tournament happenings, read the latest golfing headlines, news and also keep track of all the upcoming golf dates from around the world.

Pro Golf Help

This is an Android golfing app that is designed to help improve your golfing experience. It features around 90 pages of golfing guide, including video tutorials, golfing tips and help, a golfing gallery offering pictures of the world’s golf courses and live updates from the PGA community, to name but a few.

Swing by Swing Golf

This is both an iOS and Android golf software application. It helps a golfer update his or her scorecard while on the course. The app uses GPS technology to precisely display how far it is to the center of the green and the obstacle locations around the course. Best of all, a golfer can also setup an online account where he or she can review his or her progress while on the course and upload his or her scores to share with a favorite golfing community or friends.

Golf live

This is a Windows 7 golfing software application that allows the golfer to access the latest golfing results and the current news. He or she can also get the current tournament scoreboards through the use of this golfing app. Furthermore, the current golfing tournament videos can be watched now or at a later date via the help of this app.


This is aWindows 7 app that helps you record your golf score and statistics over a set duration of time. Not only this, Golf supports the latest golfing training videos and news from around the world, so you can equip yourself with Titleist iron sets and get practicing on the green.

In conclusion, the above golfing app list is not all inclusive as there are many wonderful apps that can be downloaded and installed on your phone, may it be operating on iOS, Windows 7 or Android platforms. However, the above listed are some of the most used golfing apps today. All these golfing apps aim to enhance your playing experience, improve your game and at the same time, keeping you up to date with the current happenings around the golfing world. The choice as to which to download and install on your phone or on any other portable communication gadget is all yours!