Three Free Apps for Travel Booking and Planning

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Last updated February 16, 2023


Mobile applications have made a lot of activities easy for users, from information gathering to finding resources. Whether the mobile is an iDevice or an Android, there are many apps that cater to specific needs. When it comes to travel booking and planning, both free and paid apps can help users. This article talks about three best free apps for travel booking and planning: Trip Case, Tripit, and Wordmate.

Trip Case

Trip Case is available for both Apple and Android users. It guides the user through every stage of planning their trip, from flight timings, dinner reservations, meetings, and hotel details. User can also set the app to remind trip related activities. The user can browse through hotel websites, without leaving the app, and can share their travel plans and details with their friends. Trip Case also provides flight alerts, driving directions, weather information, maps, alternate flight options, and other important details.


Tripit is available for both Android and Apple users, and is designed to create an itinerary based on the user’s confirmations from hotels, flights, restaurants, and other sources. The app allows the user to either enter this content manually or forward confirmation emails to a dedicated address. The user can then access their itinerary details, even when they are offline, as well as a calendar to add reminders about the trip. The app also allows the user to share itineraries and other details with friends. Tripit provides maps, directions, weather forecasts and other details for the user’s destination, including additional information like flight refunds and alternative flights. Alerts are sent for gate changes, flight delays, and cancellations.


Worldmate has more than 10 million users. This app helps to book, plan, and manage all the elements of a trip. Like Tripit, the app can pull information from confirmation emails, automatically generating alerts for events and flights, and providing important information through mobile alerts. Sharing trip details with friends is easy. Users can check-in for their flight directly from the app, and it even has a countdown to departure and landing. Worldmate provides details about hotel offers and discounts, shows maps, includes a calendar, and can link to Facebook.

These three apps are all focused on making things easy for travelers, by collecting all the required information in a single place. All three are available for Windows and Blackberry users, too. Given the amount of sensitive, personal information contained in a travel plan, data safety is very important. Although there are many other planning choices available, these three are the most commonly used and have a solid reputation for data safety and user-friendly features.