Three Earpiece Technologies to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

In a few short years, mobile phones have become ubiquitous, and like many new technologies, it carries unknown health risks. Inconclusive evidence shows that heavy mobile phone use may put people at risk for brain cancer. This seems to be a result of the large amount of radiation generated by mobile phones and absorbed by the body.

While completely severing dependence on a mobile phone would be difficult, it’s possible to reduce radiation exposure. One such way is with an earpiece, which effectively allows a barrier between you and your phone. If you’re interested in cutting your cell phone radiation exposure, there are three main types of earpieces you should consider.

Ferrite Bead

Ferrite Bead

A ferrite bead is a little clip that you attach to a wired earpiece’s wire. Its sole purpose is to absorb the wire’s radiation, and it works. A study at the Unversity of York in England showed that when a ferrite bead is in use, it’s impossible to measure any radiation coming from the wire. Note, though, that only the wire’s radiation is reduced. The phone continues to radiate electromagnetic energy, so hold the phone away from your body while using a wired headset, and never wear your phone.


Bluetooth Earpiece

Bluetooth is a proprietary wireless technology for sending and receiving data. A Bluetooth earpiece uses this technology to communicate with your mobile phone, while keeping your hands free and radiation away from your body. While a Bluetooth earpiece does emit radiation, it’s between 100 to 200 times less than what comes from your phone, depending on whom you ask. Those two zeros may make a big difference for cancer risk. However, while the radiation is much less than your phone’s, it still pays to be safe, so don’t wear it when you’re not talking on your phone, and switch ears from time to time.

Tube Earpiece

Tube Earpiece

Remember when you were a child and would use a garden hose as a telephone? You could actually hold a conversation, because the air inside the hose could carry voices, and the hose channeled the vibrations. The same principle applies to tube-based mobile phone earpieces. A small tube runs between the earpiece and your phone, carrying sound by acoustical methods alone, for zero electromagnetic radiation. It’s the safest kind of earpiece.

While any of these technologies will drastically reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation, remember that the culprit is not the earpiece, but the phone itself. An earpiece just creates distance between your phone and your head. Therefore, store your phone away from you whenever possible, and ultimately, try to reduce your mobile phone use.