The Great Big Giant Cell Phone Company

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Last updated April 12, 2019

In the mobile technology world, there are always rumours abounding.  One of them is the merging of T-Mobile USA and Sprint Nextel.  Will they?  Won’t they?  Are they?

The other day, Bloomberg News reported that the deal looked likely, with T-Mobile USA owner Deutsche Telekom holding talks with Sprint Nextel.  Later that day, WSJ also reported on the talks, saying that the deal was not likely to happen any time soon.

The problem for both the German Deutsche Telekom and Sprint is that they are hard-pressed to compete with larger networks, like Verizon Wireless.  While that may be true, the talks of a merger bring forth what I consider to be an ongoing concern with the way the world is changing; big business eating up little business until there are no little businesses left.  Of course, if we are all going socialist, then maybe that isn’t so bad.  However, in a capitalist world, we need little businesses and we need competition.  In my personal world, I need (or is that want) choice.

The thing is, I like exploring my options.  I like seeing a wide variety of offerings coming with a wide variety of perks.  Nevertheless, as one service provider eats up another one, everything is becoming mush – one universal plan cloned with a different sticker on it.  It is like with colours – each individual colour is pure and bright.  Add two colours together and you create something different, yet still unique.  However, add too many colours together – or add them all together – and you end up with the colour of mud.