Swiss National Railway Get a $21M Payout From Apple

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Apple are in the news once again, but this time they aren’t trying sue anyone for copying them, instead they are the ones having to pay out for a copyright infringement.

Those who currently run the iOS 6 operating system which was launched in September inline with the iPhone 5 release will notice that there is a new clock design, and some may think “hold on just a second, that clock looks very familiar”.

Swiss National Railway Get a $21M Payout From Apple

Familiar it most certainly is guys, as it has been reported that the clock design was taken from the Swiss National Railway, and I am sure that they will have been both flattered and happy that the likes of Apple had taken their design with iOS 6.

Now as Apple ‘lifted’ the design they have also agreed to pay up, and pay up they did, a massive $21 million in fact. The $21 million roughly works out at 10 cents, for each device that currently runs iOS 6.

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