Sun Digital Gets Into Cell Phone Recycling

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Sun Digital is stepping up its campaign to bring the concept of recycling electrical goods, including, old cell phones, to the population of Marion County in the United States.  To this end, the company has teamed up with the Early Learning Coalition of Marion County to stage just such an electronic recycling event.  This is to be held between seven o’clock in the morning and six o’clock in the evening on Wednesday 30th March in Downtown Ocala in Florida.  This is not the first time Sun Digital has sponsored such an event.  It has also helped to organize other eRecycle Charity Drives since late last year as part of their Green IT Solution program.  It received such a high level of support from the local community that they have decided to continue supporting such recycling drives on a regular basis, raising thousands of dollars for charity and helping to successfully recycle thousands of pounds worth of electronic equipment, including used cell phones, rather than have them end up as landfill.

“As an IT services company, we have always tried to help our clients to properly dispose of old computer equipment,” says Sun Digital owner Jim Bolain.  “Our ability to sponsor eRecycle Charity Drives that help raise money for local charities and help the Florida environment makes this a unique way to help two causes important to us.  We hope this month’s eRecycle theme of “Do the Right Thing When You Spring Clean” will inspire the community to recycle the old electronic items sitting around their homes and businesses when they start their spring cleaning.”