Spring Clean and Sell Your Cell

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Spring-cleaning means more than just cleaning and dusting.  For many people, it can also mean cutting down on the amount of clutter that is actually helping to make their homes look untidy and hard to clean in the first place.  One of the first things that should go when someone is attempting to reduce the level of clutter in their home is unwanted electrical items such as televisions and old cell phones.  Because they contain hazardous chemicals, however, they cannot just be thrown out into the trash (something that is actually against the law in many states in the US anyway) so other options need to be looked into.

One of those options is recycling, with many actual cell phone stores now offering that ability, albeit often for a fee, though it is extremely strongly advised to make sure that all personal information has been well and truly wiped from the phone before doing so.  The batteries from old cell phones should also be recycled and not thrown away, particularly rechargeable batteries.

Another option for an old cell phone that is no longer used because it has been superseded by a newer model but is still actually in working order is to try to sell it to someone who may want a cell phone but cannot afford the latest model.  It is possible to sell cell phones by placing adverts in the newspaper or online, or even on sites such as SellCell.com, our preferred option.