Sorry, You Can’t Have An iPhone 4, Your Fingers Are Too Fat!

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Last updated April 12, 2019

fat fingers

Firstly, I hope that you all had a relaxing, and well deserved festive break. I know I certainly did.

Some people’s New Year hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts though, as one rightly unhappy customer knows too well.

Sorry, your fingers are too fat for an iPhone 4, is exactly what one customer at a Sprint store was faced with this week, when they tried to get their hands on one of Apple’s sought after iPhone models.

Allegedly, a Sprint representative had said that:

“The battery life sucks, if they dropped it, they would break it, the iPhone 4 is smaller compared to their last phone, and that their fingers are too fat for such a phone.”

Pretty rude huh?

Even more so, when the sales associate the decided to try to focus the customer’s attention to the Samsung Galaxy S3 in what seemed a very biased and pressurized situation?

I’m not sure whether the sales person needed to shift more Galaxy S3 handsets to fulfill their quota but I’m sure they just lost a few customers because of this.

Have you ever been pressured into buying something, or persuaded to divert from your original source?