Second School Bus Driver Who Used Cell Phone Quits

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A second school bus driver in Rockingham County in the United States has been caught on camera using an old cell phone while driving the vehicle.  It is less than a week since school bus driver Mary Bondurant resigned from her job after being caught on tape picking up and putting down her cell phone on several occasions while in the course of her driving, and now a second driver, Betty McGlamery, has likewise been forced to tender her resignation after being caught both talking and texting on her cell phone while driving the bus, although no students were actually on the vehicle at the time.  McGlamery, who has worked in the district for eight years, five of those years as a school bus driver, tendered her resignation yesterday.
“I’m very disappointed, because ninety nine per cent of my bus drivers do everything right”, says the district superintendant, Dr Rodney Shotwell.  Shotwell went on to note that all school bus drivers are well aware that they are being recorded at all times, with no less than three cameras – sometimes four – always in operation on the vehicles, which makes the infractions all the more bizarre.  “One of the things the board will have to look at in future is, when somebody makes this violation in the future, do they lose everything and not just their bus license?” he says.