Recycle Old Electronics after Christmas

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Last updated April 12, 2019

With the New Year, there comes an urgent need for cell recycling. It is not difficult to divine the reasons for this. Literally millions of Americans received some form of electronics from Santa. Whether those electronics took the form of an iPod, new laptop, tablet, or a cell phone, in most cases they are probably replacement items for gear already owned. This naturally raises the question of what you will do with the electronics you no longer need or use.

Some people pass such items along to their children, but that only delays the need to answer the question; it does not eliminate it. Eventually, consumers must face the fact that they cannot keep all electronic items in perpetuity. Even if you wanted to and you had space, this is a losing proposition. Electronics wear out and break, but before that ever happens, it is overwhelmingly likely that they will become obsolete, and not just because red may not be the best fashion color any longer. Technology is shooting forward by enormous leaps and bounds all the time, and those who hang onto an older cell phone will soon find that it just does not perform the functions now expected of a cell phone.

Once upon a time, for example, cell phones didn’t include a camera as a matter of course, but those days are now long gone and consumers expect that if they are holding a portable device able to make a voice call, they can easily snap a photo if they wish.

Get rid of your old phone by doing the responsible thing: recycling it.