Ratatat Say No to Used Cell Phone Recordings

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Ratatat are saying no to fans who want to use their old cell phones in order to record their live gigs.  The electro rock duo who are currently touring North America have told the Edmonton Sun newspaper that they have been lenient in the past about fans using old cell phones to record their live gigs, which then invariably end up posted on the internet on such sites as YouTube in very poor quality, but have now changed their minds and want the practice stopped altogether.

“That’s a policy that’s changed and gone back and forth over the years,” admit multi instrumentalist Evan Mast.  “Lately I’m kind of in favor of banning it, because whenever you go to shows, there’s so many people with their iPhones and it’s a bit distracting I think, for people in the audience and for us too.” Evan says that while he understands the urge that fans may have to make a sentimental recording of the occasion for both themselves and to show their friends, he believes that making the recordings might be making the actual live experience less enjoyable for everyone concerned.  “If everyone’s kind of doing this thing where they’re thinking about how they’re going to enjoy the experience later or show people later or something, I would rather them not use their cell phones, even if it’s for talking or texting.”

Ratatat are set to play at Edmonton today and tomorrow.