Photo Lens for iPhone

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Last updated April 12, 2019

For photographers and would-be photographers out there who carry an iPhone, this should prove interesting and perhaps even useful news: a new gadget has been released that allows people to use their Canon and Nikon lenses with their iPhones.
The gadget is provided through Photojojo, a phone accessories company.  It is an SLR mount that, when attached to the iPhone, allows even the largest camera lens to be mounted.
The gadget costs $190 for the iPhone 3GS and $250 for the iPhone 4.  With that, you get the SLR lens adapter, UV filter, and tripod mount – all in a handy aluminum case.
While the iPhone has a pretty nice five-megapixel camera on it, smartphone cameras simply cannot offer the same control or capabilities of a traditional SLR with exchangeable lens.
This introduction of the SLR mount for iPhone could be the next nail in the coffin of traditional digital camera sales, which have been waning since the introduction of better smartphone cameras.  I suppose the question is, doesn’t having these bulky lenses in some way contradict what makes a smartphone camera attractive in the first place? The idea, I think, is to not have to carry around several devices.  Well, that and the fact that you can directly upload your photos from your smartphone; something you cannot do with a digital camera.
I suppose time will tell whether the SLR mount pays off for Photojojo.  Still, it is an intriguing (and somewhat tempting) idea