Out of Four Billion Cell Phones, Less than 3% Are Recycled

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Each year, there are over four billion cell phones manufactured worldwide.  Out of those, less than 3% make it to a recycling centre.  The rest find their way into landfills and dump sites, leaking toxins and poisons which go on to contaminate our soil and groundwater; eventually finding its way into our crops, our food animals, and other wildlife.  Every time you throw away a cell phone, you are helping to slowly poison the Earth.

When a cell phone is recycled through a site such as Sell Cell, it goes on to lead a different life.  Some phones are refurbished while others are taken apart and their working parts used to create new phones.  These cell phones are often sold at reasonable prices to developing countries.  Precious metals of unused parts are extracted and go on to become a part of electronic circuit boards.  Reusing metals such as gold and silver also reduces the need for extracting raw materials – a process that is itself damaging to the environment.

After all of the above has been done, what is left over is sent to reputable companies to be disposed of properly.  This includes extracting precious metals from heavy metals, recycling plastics, etc.

While we must be aware that there are still disreputable companies out there – companies who buy e-waste, reuse what they can and then dump the rest on poorer countries, here at Sell Cell, we only work with reputable companies.  When you recycle for cash through us, you can rest assured your cell phone will be recycled properly.