New Research Confirms Old Cell Phone Fears?

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Scientists in Istanbul in Turkey claim that their research proves that the fears about what used cell phones may be doing to our bodies is in fact true, despite industry denials to the contrary.  The new research, which has resulted in a meeting having been convened by the Environmental Health Trust, Gazi University, and the Turkish Cancer Society to discuss the findings, claims to prove that cell phones cause damage to the brain, sperm and to human DNA itself, proof that the researchers claim is being deliberately ignored in North America.

“We are deeply concerned about what this could mean for public health,” says the head of the Biophysics Department Biolelectromagnetics at Laboratory at Gazi University, Nesrin Seyhan, who is also an advisor to both NATO and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Professor Wilheim Mosgoeller of the Medical University of Vienna, led the European research teams and says that they found definitive proof of what those in the cell phone industry have long denied – that cell waves causes DNA “breaks”.  A research team based out of the University of Athens has discovered that cell waves alter the DNA of insects; with fetuses affected after just six minutes of exposure per day, and say the fear is what cell phone radiation may be doing to growing children.

“The evidence justifies precautionary measures to reduce the risks for every one of us,” Wosgoeller claims.