New Cell Phones Mean an Opportunity to Recycle

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Last updated January 10, 2024

Certain companies are so successful that when they launch a new product, or even a new version of an old product, it can become a media event.  Such is the case with Apple, producer of popular computers, personal music players, and of course, cellular phones.  The recent launch of the new iPhone 4S resulted in four million units being sold to eager consumers ready for the latest and greatest in cell phone speed, features, and efficiency.

A side effect of all of this economic activity, however, is that as many as four million cell phone owners now have a phone to spare.  What is done with these old phones? Since their previous phones probably cost them a significant amount of money either up front or in the form of a service contract, consumers are often reluctant to get rid of the phone, preferring to store it in a drawer for the proverbial ‘rainy day’.

In reality, however, that rainy day never comes for most phone users.  Old phones simply sit and gather dust and then, after many years have passed, the people saving them finally come to realize that there is no point in keeping them around.  At that point, the usually throw the phones in the trash.

Would not recycling cell phones for cash be a better choice? Better late than never definitely applies, but so does better sooner than later, since recent models are more likely to bring in higher cash payments from cell phone recycling companies.

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