NABC Joins Cell Phone Recycling Scheme to Help Soldiers

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Last updated April 12, 2019

The National Auto Body Council (NABC) of the United States of America has decided to sign up for the nationwide cell phone recycling scheme known as “Cell Phones for Soldiers”.  Cell Phones for Soldiers is a national non profit organization .It collects old cell phones for recycling in order to turn them  into prepaid phone cards to enable soldiers who are serving overseas to be able to call their loved ones back home.  As part of its ongoing quest to enhance the image and reputation of the auto collision industry, the National Auto Body Council has decided to get involved and pledge its support, encouraging both members and other firms in the auto collision industry to get involved as much as they can. 

To this end, the Collision Industry Conference (CIC), which is shortly to be held in Newark in New Jersey, will also be used as a drop off collection point for those wishing to donate their used cell phones to help soldiers who are serving abroad.  “This is a very real project that every shop in American can get behind,” says NABC executive director Chuck Sulkala.  “Helping collect cell phones that are set aside every day presents a great opportunity.  We’ll be turning trash into cash to be used for our deployed military so they can talk to their loved ones at home and, at the same time, take part in an important recycling effort.  Just set up a collection box in your shop and let the community know about it.  It’s another perfect example of the collision industry helping folks in need.”