Making the Most of Your Cell Phone: The Bluetooth Advantage

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Last updated April 12, 2019

As the use of mobile phones has skyrocketed in recent years, more users have become aware of the various accessories available for use with the more advanced devices. One of these is the Bluetooth headset, which allows cell phone users to communicate with their phones, including even dialing phone numbers, all without using their fingers or hands. Some states even require the use of a Bluetooth headset or equivalent while driving, out of safety considerations that handling a phone physically while behind the wheel poses too big a distraction for many drivers.

Not All Cell Phones Feature Bluetooth

In order for a Bluetooth headset to be useful for you, however, you must first have a cell phone capable of hooking up with a one. This means that your phone must be able to use Bluetooth. While this feature is becoming more and more common, it is not available on the very cheapest of cell phones. Still, integrated Bluetooth can be found on some low-cost models, making this technology available to most cell phone users.

A phone that comes with integrated Bluetooth will not by itself allow you to use it in a hands-free manner. You will also need a Bluetooth headset, typically sold separately. Some high-end and advanced phones are starting to be shipped with a Bluetooth headset, however. This means one less thing to track down and buy, and for fashion-conscious users, it also means they can get their phone and headset in matching colors.