How To Get The SIM Card Out of An iPhone

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Last updated March 12, 2024

Ever wondered where the SIM card resides in an iPhone, or how to get it out? In this guide we show you just how easy it is to remove the SIM card from an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

If you don’t have the tool that came with your iPhone (found in the box) then you can substitute this step with a paperclip.

Step 1. First locate where the SIM card tray is, for an iPhone 3GS you will find it at the top of the iPhone by the power button. For the iPhone 4 you will see it down the right hand side of the handset.

Step 2. Now, straighten out your paper click, or get your iPhone tool ready and look for the small hole which will eject the SIM card tray. Just put the paperclip into this hole and adjust the angle to pull it out. This should now release the tray with the SIM card in. The iPhone 4 (note the iPhone 4 release can be slightly more tricky and may require you to press the paperclip in with some pressure to release the tray).