High Standards Held by Cell Phone Recycling Company

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Last updated April 12, 2019

E-World Online, a company which offers recycling for old cell phones and other electronic items across the whole of the United States, is launching a new audit program to try to ensure that the electronic recyclers it has working for it only do their work to the very highest environmental health and safety standards.  E-World Online is responsible for the recycling of electronic equipment, including old cell phones, for various big name commercial companies such as Acer America Corp, Sony Electronics Inc and ViewSonic.  It has various collection sites throughout the United States in order to serve manufacturers while also making recycling easier for the general consumer. 

The new audit service was launched on 22 March and the results will be shared with manufacturers after the ninety-day audit period is complete.  The audits are yet another way the company is trying to ensure its high standards, which already requires all members of its network of recycling companies to be officially certified by industry leaders.  In the US, twenty-three out of the twenty-four states now have e-waste recycling laws, and the responsibility for it lies with the manufacturers rather than the consumer or any government body.

“By monitoring the practices of electronic recyclers for our OEM clients, we are able to verify appropriate handling of material at the recycling facilities in the MITS network,” says Cindy Eyrie, the president of E-World Online.  “The audits save our OEM clients time and money, but more importantly, they provide transparency.”