Gadget of The Week: iPhone and Android Charge Card

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Android and iPhone Card Charger

Smartphone batteries have a lot to deal with today when you consider just what a phone is capable off, but how many time do we find ourselves rapidly running out of battery at important times? I for one know what its like to be minutes away from my phone powering-off when I don’t have a charging cable handy.

Just before Christmas I was actually traveling back from a meeting, and when I’m not sure of the route back I always load up the sat nav on my Smartphone and use that to get me back home. On this occasion however, I was minutes into my journey and boom my phone powered off.

So this Android/iPhone Card Charger seems to find a solution to this problem from having to happen again.

The card is designed in the shape of credit card, so it’s a little gadget you can keep on you at all times with the option of either keeping it in your pocket, in your phone’s case, or in some instances the card can actually be fitted into some phones.

The device has a USB arm that can be folded out and then plugged into a USB slot to give your phone the power it needs.

See The Card Charger in Action:

…and yes, I did manage to get home in the end, using the old method of following street signs!