Driver Who Used Cell Phones Banned

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A man who was caught using two used cell phones at once while operating a motor vehicle in the United Kingdom has been given a 12-month driving ban, a sentence that safety campaigners have slammed as being “woefully inadequate”.

34-year-old David Secker was spotted by police holding one cell phone to his right ear while apparently sending a text message on another cell phone at the same time as being behind the wheel of his car in Blofeld in Norfolk in the east of England.  The police officer who stopped the car also says that Secker would not talk to him until he had finished his cell phone conversation first.

“He was seen holding a mobile phone to his right ear and as he moved closer the officer saw he was holding another phone in his other hand as though he was texting,” prosecutor Denis King told Norwich Magistrates’ Court.  Secker is alleged to have been driving his vehicle, a Vauxhall Tigra, with his knees, which caused the car to swerve across the main road, a charge Secker denied in court.  His lawyer, Simon Nicholls, also says that Secker was reading the phone number from one cell phone to the person on the other phone, holding both the first phone and the top of the steering wheel with the same hand.  He was fined £245 and lost his license for 12 months, a relatively mild sentence that incensed some road safety groups.