Do You Use Google Voice?

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Google voice, a popular calling service, now lets you call over 150 places in 38 different languages for as little as two cents per minute.

How Google Voice works is simple: if you have Gmail, then you can place a call from either your cell phone or your landline through it.  There is no connection fee; you only pay for the minutes you use.

Credit can be purchased in US dollars, Canadian dollars, Euros, or in British pound sterling.  Depending upon where you are calling from and to, the price can be as little as two cents per minute from a landline and as little as ten cents per minute from a cell phone.

The information regarding the expansion of Google Voice comes via the Google Voice blog.  On it, Pierre Lebeau, a project manager writes:
“We’re always trying to make it easier for people to connect – whether that means sending an email, chatting, or video chatting, you can reach the people you care about from right inside Gmail.”

If you are considering trying it out, there is one word of warning: make sure you are going through your Google Voice (Gmail) connection and not your standard cell phone or landline connection.  One T-Mobile customer ended up with a $700 cell phone bill because while she thought she was using Google Voice she was, in fact, using T-Mobile international calling.

The rollout of the new countries and languages will be happening over the next few days.  Look for the green phone icon above your chat list.