Cold Weather Causing Smartphone Batteries to Drain and Shut-Off

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Last updated April 12, 2019

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Hand’s up, if you phone battery life appears to be draining quicker than you can cope with right now? We know that these days, any high spec phone does suffer from battery life issues but people are experiencing faster battery death than usual. The answer, it’s the weather we are getting.

To put it simply, that iPhone you are clutching onto isn’t a massive fan of the cold and would rather be tucked up inside your pocket in the warmth.

Apple themselves say that the iPhone and iPad models, shouldn’t be used in temperatures that fall below 32 degrees F – which mean that many people in the States at the moment shouldn’t even be using an iPhone!

They also make it clear that any major temperature fluctuations could cause the phone damage. So moving from a nice warm room that’s hitting 80 degrees and then jumping outside where it is 15 degrees could be one of the issues people are having.

Many Smartphone owners are actually reporting that their phones are automatically shutting down, with one report saying that a guy had 70% charge on his iPhone for it to drain and then shutdown. However, after keeping it in his pocket for a while and giving it the chance to warm-up, it soon

If you are in one of the areas of the US that is suffering from a deep freeze at the moment then all I can say is treat your phone to a nice warm sock case, and keep it in your pocket rather than on your work desk, or left in the car.

Your phone will love you for it!