Charging Kiosks Help Cell Phone Users at NKU

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Last updated April 12, 2019

It is looking likely that cell phones will become more universal than ever before now that major institutions such as Northern Kentucky University have begun providing kiosks where students and staff can charge mobile devices such as cell phones, portable mp3 players, and even tablet computers.  The service is free of charge, but only in the sense of being available without monetary cost to all comers.  The kiosks definitely do deliver a ‘charge’ in the form of electricity.

So far, it seems that the new service is off to a robust start.  According to the Senior Network Manager at NKU, Robert Weber, “There has been an overwhelming response from students and staff who have taken advantage of this free benefit.  Rarely do I see a goCharge station not in use.  The ease of setup and the technology associated with smart electronics used in the systems makes maintaining the systems very easy to keep up with changing technologies.”

Speaking of keeping up with changing technologies, Americans’ penchant for always having the newest and best electronics can sometimes mean piles of unused gadgets sitting in drawers or closets.  This is not only an excuse for dust to build up, it’s also a way to miss out on valuable money.  Strategies such as cell phone recycle for cash can help struggling students make ends meet while at the same time providing a valuable service to the environment.