Cell phone rumors: the latest on the iPhone 5

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Image Courtesy of Apple

According to the China Economic News Service, Apple’s eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 may become available to US consumers sometime this August.  Although the report at this time is largely based on speculation, analysts suspect that an early launch would allow Apple’s market share to surge upward as teens, college students, and their parents snatch up the units as part of their back-to-school shopping.  Another factor that could encourage an early launch is the fact that with Europe’s debt crisis continuing to worsen, Apple may be aware that sales there are likely to be weak, which would make a move to capture the American back-to-school market all the more imperative.


Philip Liu of CENS has also provided the public with additional details about possible technical specifications to be incorporated into the iPhone 5.  The phone may feature an improved version of Siri, the ‘personal assistant’ that phone users could ask almost anything.  Siri is a mixed blessing, however, for phone users who lack an unlimited data plan.  According to research conducted on the iPhone 4S, using the voice-activated service consumes much more bandwidth than users realize, causing some of them to pay significant surcharges when they exceed their monthly data limits.  Another rumored change in the iPhone 5 is the use of a new connector cable with a proprietary design, a blow to users who prefer that their cables be as interoperable as possible.


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