Cell Phone Recycling Scheme Expands in Ontario

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Cell phone recycling company Call2Recycle is planning to expand its efforts to collect old cell phones and batteries in the province of Ontario in Canada.  The cell phone recycling company has submitted an ISP (Industry Stewardship Plan) to Waste Diversion Ontario in a bid to increase the number of battery and old cell phones collection sites in the province.  Call2Recycle currently has two thousand, one hundred and eighty seven collection points for used cell phones and batteries within the province, but if Waste Diversion Ontario grants the company’s request, it will be able to increase that number to no less than three thousand and four hundred by the time 2015 rolls around.

Should the proposed increase actually happen, the company, which collects used cellular phones and batteries for recycling at no charge to the consumer, will then be able to increase its waste diversion rate by thirty two percent (for primary batteries) and twenty four percent (for secondary batteries) within the next five years.  Call2Recycle has already expanded once last year, having secured the right to recycle all forms of household batteries in the province of Ontario as of the first of July last year.

“The continuation of our program to include the collection of all batteries contributed to a fifty nine percent increase in battery collection results in 2010 over 2009 in Ontario,” says the executive director of Call2Recycle Canada, Joe Zenobio.  “Our goal is to use our proven model to make battery recycling easy for Ontarians.”