Cell Phone Recycling Champions Honored

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Six companies have been declared to be honorary recycling champions due to their efforts in recycling old cell phones and other electrical goods via the fundraising recycling program known as the FundingFactory.

“In the spirit leading up to Earth Day, we are celebrating some of our top recycling partners and applauding them, and other participants like them, for their efforts,” says the FundingFactory president, Sean Michaels.  “We congratulate these champions for what they’re doing for their communities and their nation via this effort.”

Those singled out include Kim Rosson, a Skyline Heights PTA volunteer in Harrison, Arkansas and Laura Grimwood from the Lansing City Rescue Mission.  Rosson and Grimwood’s efforts have raised 28,000 and 35,000 US dollars respectively, helping to build a playground, buy classroom laptop computers, and keep the Mission going.  “It’s just so easy and it was something that the PTA could do and we ran with it,” says Rosson.  “Now we do it for every school in the district.  It has been amazing and costs us nothing.  You just watch your points and your money grow.”  Grimwood adds that sometimes she almost feels guilty about the amount of money she has helped raise because it has been so simple to achieve.

Also given an honorary mention was West Boylston Public School in West Boylston, whose recycling activities have helped to raise 40,000 dollars.  “At this point, this program is a no brainer for any school district looking to increase fundraising,” says the technology coordinator of the area’s school system, Steve Pellowe.