Cell Phone Footage Damns Coach

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A former PCC assistant women’s volleyball coach has been accused of using a cell phone to shoot video up a woman’s skirts in Glendale Galleria in the United States. Forty-nine year old John Puncel of Sylmar, who is also a San Gabriel Valley Football Officials Association board member, is accused of not only taking “up skirt” of the woman, who was riding an escalator at the time of the incident, but also of possessing child pornography, assaulting a police officer and obstructing police.

Puncel was noticed by police holding a cell phone near the bottom of an escalator at the mall on 100 West Broadway. “When this woman got onto the escalator, they could see him sticking (the cell phone) under her skirt,” says Glendale police sergeant Sgt Thomas Lorenz. Upon approaching Puncel, the officers became involved in a scuffle with him. “He tried to resist, push back from the officers,” Lorenz notes. “He didn’t want the offices to get their hands on the phone.”

The 49 year old woman “was totally unaware of what was going on”, Lorenz says, and was “shocked and outraged” when shown the footage which had been taken by the suspect’s camera, placing Puncel under private person’s arrest herself. “She wasn’t going to tolerate it,” the officer states.

Suspicious images of what appear to be nude minors were also later found on the cell phone.