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Last updated April 11, 2019

We are asked a lot of questions at (as you can imagine), and perhaps one of the more popular questions that we find ourselves answering is “Can I still sell broken iPhone handsets that have a cracked screen?”.

Sell Broken iPhone Handsets

The good news is that if you have asked this question before, you will be happy to know that the answer is yes you can.

The price you get back for it does depend on what the extent of the damage to your iPhone is though. So let’s talk through a few important points…

What Is Classed As A Broken iPhone?

We compare several different buyback companies on the site and they each have slightly different definitions of ‘working’ and ‘non-working’ but as a guide here are the general definitions:

To be considered as a working iPhone, it should:

point Be able to turn on and off otherwise it really should be considered non-working
point Be working normally: the bumps and scrapes that every iPhone gets from day to day use are OK
point Have a working screen: you need to be able to see what you are doing!
point Be in good enough condition: not crushed or broken or dropped in water

Your iPhone will be classed as non-working/broke if any of the following apply:

point Have a broken or bleeding screen
point Can’t start up
point Have a broken speaker or microphone
point Have a broken aerial
point Dropped in water

If you want to sell broken iPhone handsets, then you will still get a cash price back, but it will depend on how badly damaged the phone is.

iPhone In Water

If the iPhone has been dropped in water then the job in hand of getting the phone working again could cost time and money, as parts may need to be replaced and time will have to be spent testing the phone.

iPhone Blank Screen

However if the phone cannot start up, it may be a simple task to get it working again. This will be less expensive to fix and therefore you will be offered a slightly higher price.

So there you have it! You can sell your iPhone if it is broken, just follow our guide above to make sure it is classed as broken first, and to get a rough idea on the extent of damage.