Camping Out for iPhone 5 Turns Lucrative

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Last updated April 12, 2019

This is a clever story I found online.  Apparently, a public relations man named Rob Shoesmith has caught the eye of the media by planning a ‘camping out’ event at a London-based Apple store for the don’t-yet-know-when to be released iPhone 5.

According to Mr. Shoesmith, the idea is really a marketing experiment and so far, it’s proven lucrative. The event is being funded by sponsors and Shoesmith told one company that he has already received £25,000 plus (that’s over $40,000) worth of goods.  Another report has him already having received over $64,000; which is well over £25,000.

Shoesmith is calling the event “The iPhone 5 Experiment” and while some reports having him already camping out, Gismodo reports otherwise; saying that Shoesmith himself has said that he hasn’t began his experiment yet.  When it does, it will be interesting to see how it goes.
So, I am curious, what would you do for an iPhone 5? Would you camp out in anticipation of its launch? Would you stand in long lines in order to get one? Are you planning to pre-order when that option becomes available?

While the Android OS seems to be taking over as the world’s favorite SmartPhone platform, the Apple crowd is still very strong.  And, with rising concerns over the increased risk Android’s open platform presents for malware, it could be that we see a shift in the tide regarding favorites.