Apple Shows Unlocked iPhone 5 Prices

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There was no major new announcement regarding this, not that I saw anyway which makes me think that this might be a leak. Anyway, we bring you news that Apple have announced the price of a factory unlocked version of their latest iPhone.

Apple Shows Unlocked iPhone 5 Prices

The prices here in the US range from $649 – $849 (dependent upon the storage).

You can see the price break down for GSM and CDMA models by entering “iPhone 5 factory unlocked” into the search box over at the apple site.

What also makes this look more of a leak is that you can’t buy them from the Apple Store yet, the store still asks you to chose a plan.

You can also see that the site lists the shipping period between 3-4 weeks.

We will keep you updated on this story and alert you when these phones do go on sale.