The Apple iPhone 5 Parody – Video Included

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The Apple iPhone 5 Parody - Video IncludedMost days I get in, check YouTube, and see if there is anything that can inspire me in writing up a blog post for the day. Today didn’t take me long to find something that brought a smile to my face, and I instantly thought this would be great for the blog.

The video is an iPhone 5 Parody which has been created by a group who go by the name of Satire.

They are a group who present themselves as Apple-like employee’s and presidents, and just like the official Apple trailer they have created and developer a humorous side to the iPhone 5 trailer.

In the video they walk you through all the aspects of the iPhone 5, focusing primarily on the tall screen but also touching on the apps as well as face-time in this parody twist.

The video is just over 2 minutes long, and yes, it is safe for work.

Check it out here: