The Apple Event: 5 Other Products You Will See

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Image Courtesy of Apple

We are just one day away from the Apple event where we will hear news about the new iPad Mini and it’s expected release dare, finally separating fact from fiction.

While the iPad Mini is surely going to take up most of the interest, there are also a few other products that Apple have up their sleeve to show you, and we will now talk you through a few of them.

What do we know about the iPad Mini to begin with? Well we know that it will be a toned down version of the new iPad, and it could even resemble a closer spec to that of the iPad 2, just sporting a 7.85 inch screen. One thing we can bet our bottom dollar on is that it will have a Lightning connection and cable that caused plenty of controversy with the iPhone 5 launch.

We also posted last week about a possible 24 model line up which includes 4G LTE technology for the best of the best, so we will see how much fact is in this.


The Apple iPad 4?

The second biggest rumor is the release of a new iPad (probably in March as usual) this time sporting the new Lightning connector. We might even see new storage options and 4G LTE technology.


A 13 Inch Macbook Pro?

While we have already seen a successful 15 inch Macbook pro hit the markets, is there room for Apple to launch a smaller version of the retina displayed device? Furthermore will it be thinner and lighter?


A New Mac Mini?

The iPad Mini may not be the only Mini that makes waves at the Apple event tomorrow, we could also see a Mac Mini announced with updated processors and USB 3.0 standards introduced.


The Teardrop iMac?

The current iMac is about a year and a half old so we should see a replacement sometime soon, as this is the longest a model has gone without an upgrade. This time we will see processor updates and a teardrop shape design. I reckon that the design will also be a lot thinner than expect with the lack of DVD drive enabling this possibility.