Anti-Pollution Project Expands to Cover Old Cell Phones

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Last updated April 12, 2019

An anti-pollution project that was launched last year in the Bulacan is expanding in order to include the proper disposal of old cell phones.  The Green Line anti-pollution project was launched by the provincial government of Bulacan in the middle of 2010, initially as a 24-hour call line where people could report the illegal dumping of electronic waste, in a bid to try and clean up the Marilao-Meycauayan-Obando River System, which has become notorious as one of the 30 worst polluted areas in the entire world.  Now however the project is being expanded in order to also cover the proper disposal of used cell phones, and cell phone batteries, in the province.

Recycling bins will be placed in various areas within the capitol, as well as at major universities, to try and help people to have a better chance of disposing of their old cell phones in a more responsible and environmentally friendly manner.  With the average life span of a new cell phone now being barely 18 months, largely because cell phone manufacturers are continually releasing new models and want their customers to buy them, this means that as many as 140 million used cell phones and their batteries are being disposed of each and every year all over the world – and the great majority are still not disposed of in the most environmentally friendly of ways.