A new use for phone trade-in

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Most people who do a phone trade-in deal are interested in getting rid of an old phone in favor of one that is sparkling and new, with all the latest features.  Quite often, a trade-in does not even require a phone owner to send the phone company his or her current handset.  Instead, a new unit is sent out, along with a new contract for services, and the phone owner is free to dispose of an old cell phone in whichever way he or she pleases.  In such a case, recycling is an excellent option since it helps the planet and can even generate some cash for the owner.

Another kind of phone trade-in, however, is really more properly called a phone contract trade.  Cell phone owners locked into a long-term contract are currently exploring this option as a way to get out of a contract so they can switch over to an iPhone.  According to PC World, those people who would like to be freed of their contract without paying a hefty termination fee can manage this feat if they can find someone to assume the contract for them.  In most cases, a friend or relative assuming a cell phone contract will need to qualify for it, which mainly means that they have to meet credit history requirements.

Those who do not have a friend or relative who wants to assume the contract are even starting to look at online classified sites.  This will mean working with a stranger, however, so it might be problematic.