A First Look At The Sony Xperia M2

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Last updated April 12, 2019

The Sony Xperia M2 was just launched in New York and it is interesting to follow up on this device as it promises to be quite a sturdy and glamorous Xperia device. Sony has recently decided to take advantage of the old multimedia capabilities of older Xperia devices and integrate them on this mid-range device.

A first look at the Sony Xperia M2

Display & Design

Unlike other recent Xperia phones this device is not a high end waterproof device, it is a mid-ranger and Sony calls it one of the thinnest devices of its class. It is also one of the most advanced mid-range 4G devices out on the market.

As far as the design is concerned the device has the usual Sony Xperia design language which means you have a very flat design, you have the hard lines and you have a frame around it but keep in mind that the phone is not water resistant.

The phone has gorilla glass integrated on the front but the back seems to be made of some sort of glass as it is reflective but it is in fact plastic and to be honest it is a fingerprint magnet that you could probably tell just by holding the smartphone for a little bit.

Some of the other specs regarding the display – it features a 4.8 inch QHD display so it is not the highest resolution out there but honestly if you are looking at a normal distance you are not going to notice any significant difference.

There is some small distortion regarding the viewing angles so it kind of makes me wonder if colors are going to end up washed out like I saw on previous displays from Sony, says Chris, Cellphone expert from TCA Wireless. On the left side you have the micro USB port for charging and data connectivity and on the bottom you have your speaker grill along with the microphone while the right side is home to the distinctive power button.

A first look at the Sony Xperia M2

Hardware & Software

The phone comes in with a 8 megapixel camera that features a LED flash with 1080p video recording and a Xmor sensor while the front has a VGA front facing camera. The phone also comes in with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.4 processor with only 1GB of RAM.

The phone does not come with the most intensive or intimidating piece of hardware but it gets the job done as it is pretty responsive and I am sure that it is going to be handling basic tasks with no problem.

The phone comes in with the classic Xperia interface that I have seen on previous Sony phones lately and the phone comes in with Android 4.3 Jellybean so the O.S. has a very nice design language and I have seen a lot of positive aspects of this platform.

The phone comes in with a visually pleasing Walkman player software and once you turn on the music you will also have a mood light turn up on the bottom of the display and personally I think that this is quite a cool feature from Sony.

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