A Few Facts About Recycling Cell Phones

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Last updated April 12, 2019

For most of us, our cell phones are a whole lot more than just something we make a call from. We use them as alarm clocks, as portable GPS, as our MP3 player, as a Twitter device, as a way to surf or update our Facebook page, as an e-reader or document editor – the list goes on. Because of this, and the constantly improving cell phone technology, Americans change cell phones a lot.

The result is the increased need for cell phone recycling; because, as small as they are, cell phones are toxic electronic waste and what they don’t do in size, the do in mass.

So here are a few facts about cell phones:

  • Each year, 100 million cell phones are made obsolete through upgrades or damage.
  • The average active life span for a cell phone is 18 months, despite the fact that most cell phones are still perfectly useable when they are discarded.
  • 75% of Americans throw their old cell phones into drawers, along with the battery and the charger.
    • While Europe is plowing ahead with the universal charger; America still depends upon a variety of chargers, based upon the make and model of their cell phone.

And here are a couple about cell phone recycling:

  • When cell phones are recycled, they are often redistributed amongst people with disabilities, people who find themselves in shelters, and sent abroad to lesser developed countries, where they find a whole new lease on life.
  • When you recycle your cell phone through Sell Cell, you know you are getting top dollar for your phone.