7 Apps That Help You Produce Better Content

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Writing content is a competitive business. It helps to stay organized, get things done fast and capture the attention of your audience. We found some amazingly useful apps to take you from the beginning of a project to the finish line. Here are seven great tools that make organization, SEO, web research and writing much easier.


This app is designed to help you manage your time. It’s an editorial calendar to help you plan your writing deadlines. The master calendar keeps track of your campaigns and what you’re writing. You can search and label each content type and manage multiple clients. DivvyHQ also tracks workflow, helps you supervise team members and will alert you to upcoming due dates so you never miss a deadline.


To enhance your SEO, this handy little tool will generate the exact keywords people use to search for any subject. Just enter a phrase or idea, and SECockpit will return a list of keywords people use to search for that subject. The app provides data on search volume, the AdWords Cost-per-Click and the results ranking. At an analysis rate of over 200 keywords per minute, it’s incredibly fast. The app syncs with the SECockpit desktop version, which offers additional features and more data.


This handy app is really great for storing and sharing files across all devices, so you’ll never have to email another file to yourself. Everything you save in the app is automatically saved to all your devices and to the Dropbox website. Any changes you make to a document on one platform are instantly updated to all platforms. Dropbox is great for collaborative projects. It works with many file types, including those that are non-GoogleDocs compatible.


This app screen grabs websites, so you can easily capture resources for your content writing research. You can also insert the saved pages into your presentations, keep records and communicate with Snagit.


Evernote has a thousand uses. You can write notes, store photos and videos, record voice memos, keep idea files and lists, all across multiple platforms. All content is instantly saved in Evernote’s cloud so you never lose anything. This popular app is a must for keeping your thoughts and ideas organized.


This is a cool brainstorming tool that can help writers in search of inspiration. You can use iThoughts to figure out the structure of a piece. It can help you to define your basic ideas, write an outline or draft an article. It creates visuals of your brainstorming sessions. iThoughts works with a variety of desktop mind-mapping tools, so you can use it from both your desktop and your tablet.


To make sure your content is well written and original, use Grammarly. This proofreading app checks your work and suggests corrections, changes repetitive words to their synonyms and runs plagiarism checks to ensure content uniqueness.

With these apps at your disposal, coming up with and producting great content should be a thing of the past. Happy writing!

Thanks go out to Marie Baltazar who has provided insight that has lead to the help in creating today’s post. Marie is an iPhone app award blogger, she reviews many apps.