4 IOS Apps That Will Turn Your Photographs Into Creative Masterpieces

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Be it a hobby, a profession, an interest, or a just a way to pass time, the art of photography is something that a majority of us enjoy. Thanks to technology, photography just got all the more exciting, interesting, and easy, owing to the numerous innovations and novelty as far as cameras, smart phones, and mobile apps are concerned. There are literally hundreds of remarkable photography apps out there that can help you enhance the images that you capture, turning them into a stunning work of art. Here are four great apps you could start with.


Arguably one of the best photography apps available for you to lay your hands on, Camera+ is definitely the ultimate must-have app for all photography lovers out there, and something for your camera backpacks. The app is packed with tons of amazing features that will leave you dizzy. You can use your phone’s LED flash as a flashlight, you can apply common camera effects such as sunset, backlit images, portraits, it has a stabilizer that waits until your phone is held perfectly still to click a snap, it enables you to set metering points and individual focus, and so much more! After you’ve captured an image, the app also lets you crop it, rotate it, add borders, use the built-in auto corrector, apply light effects, add filters, and so on. You can even share your images with friends and family on social networking sites. Overall, this is a great app packed with well-rounded photo effects.


When it comes to popularity, not many apps come close to Instagram. This app has the magic of turning any mundane looking image into a creative masterwork. The app features an extremely user-friendly interface and a host of gorgeous vintage filters along with borders and photo-editing effects that can be applied instantly on your images. However, what brings out the popularity of this app and makes it all the more noteworthy is its numerous social networking features and its photo sharing capabilities. You can share photos on a number of social portals, photography sites, and even email them to friends if you like. So if you’re looking for an app with a perfect combination of artistic vintage effects and social networking features, Instagram is the name!


If you are interested in creating panoramic images, Photosynth is undeniably the perfect app for you. A stunning app released by Microsoft, Photosynth allows its users to create sweeping panoramic images effortlessly. The app guides you through a process of continuously capturing images, and it then stitches them together pretty seamlessly. Whether its places, people, events, or sceneries that you’re looking to capture, the app enables you to create panoramic images from left to right, up and down, and even a full sphere – how cool is that! Besides, the app has a very stylish and simple interface, and you can even share images with your loved ones online. Fast, free, amazingly accurate, fun, and interesting, Photosynth is one smashing app you should definitely look out for.


As the names suggests, Photolettering is yet another incredible photography app that beautifully merges together photography and typography. Essentially, this brilliant app lets you place styled text over an image, allowing you to choose from a variety of interesting and great-looking fonts. Whether you’re looking to make a poster, write an inspirational message over an image, send a printed post card to a loved one, or even create a graphic sign, Photolettering will let you do it. This will add meaning, character, style, and depth to any image and will make it look all the more substantial.