Voters support cell phone driving ban

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Cell phones have become a constant presence in the everyday lives of many people all across the world.  They are at hand when the need arises to talk with family or friends, to conduct business, or to capture a special moment. However, when it comes to using cell phones while sitting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, the evidence is growing that it is a very bad thing indeed and voters in Vermont agree that it needs to stop.

People who are on the road a great deal of their time regard being able to use a cell phone while driving as being a major convenience, but a recent poll suggests that the great majority of people in Vermont do not like it one little bit.  The poll, which was conducted by Castleton College, discovered that 80 percent of people in Vermont are in favor of banning the use of cell phones while operating a motor vehicle.  Only 17 percent were in opposition to the idea, with three percent on the fence.

The poll did not however distinguish between the use of hands free cell phone and handheld devices, which seems to be an issue by itself.  Hunter Wilson believes that “it is a pretty good law because you are on your phone it distracts people” but Garrett Quillia feels that the use of a hands free device is no different than simply talking to someone who is sitting in the car at the same time.