Used Cell Phone Market Growing

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Last updated April 12, 2019

According to ReCellular, one of the many cell phone recyclers whose prices we compare and present, the refurbished cell phone market is growing; possibly accounting for as much of one fifth of US cell phone sales.

According to Business on Main, by itself, that one cell phone recycle company sold 5.2 million cell phones; with 60% going to the US market and the rest going to Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  While these numbers constitute sales, the knock-on effect draws my focus.

Ethical cell phone and electronics recycling

Ethical recycling of cell phones and other electronics has long been a topic of conversation.  Disposed of improperly, our cell phones produce e-waste; highly toxic and dangerous substances that leak out into the surrounding soil, making its way to vegetation and water.  By ethically recycling our electronics (i.e., not having e-waste shipped for disposal to other countries, where it will poison their lands), our cell phones, and other gadgets gain new life.

Refurbished cell phones improving lives

Many of the phones sold via Sell Cell, end up refurbished and resold; something that is an important part of the ethical recycling cycle.  Further, refurbished phones go on to enhance lives, especially in developing countries where they are making a huge difference by giving access to health information via SMS text and access to the internet where traditional services are poor.

It’s bigger than a payment

Recycling your old cell phone is about more than getting cash; it is about 1) ecological awareness and 2) humanity.  So recycle your cell; the knock-on effect will amaze you.