Toronto Mayor Escapes Cell Phone Driving Ticket

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Last updated May 14, 2019

It is reported that Toronto’s Mayor was caught red-handed using a cell phone while operating a motor vehicle and has even since admitted it – but because the offence was witnessed by an ordinary member of the general public rather than a police officer, he has been able to walk away without getting a ticket.

Apparently no charges will be laid against Mayor Rob Ford over the incident, despite Ford having admitted to holding a cell phone while driving his car.  “We are confident in saying that the Mayor has been reminded of the safety concerns and no further action will be taken,” a spokesperson for the Toronto Police said yesterday.  Police say that to pursue such a case through the courts would have “significant logistical issues” as well as being “a very time consuming and ineffective use of resources” due to the fact that the witness was not a police officer.  Police deny that Ford is receiving special treatment because he is the Mayor, adding that an “after the fact” allegation such as this would be treated the same way with any ordinary member of the public as well.

Councilor Georgio Mammoliti has described Ford as “a hardworking Mayor who doesn’t have anyone chauffeuring him around” and also attacked the witness, Ottilie Mason, noting that “My question is, the individual flagging him down, was that safe? Last I checked she wasn’t a police officer or enforcer.”