Text Neck for Used Cell Phone Fans

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Last updated April 12, 2019

New and old cell phone users are becoming victims of what chiropractors call “text neck”, neck injuries that are related to chronic texting.  Chiropractors say that more and more people are coming to them with neck problems caused by chronic texting, “text neck” being the nickname for a condition, the actual name of which is Forward Head Posture, which causes soreness in the neck as well as headaches and tightness across the shoulders.  The condition is caused by an increase in pressure on the musculature in the shoulders and neck due to the downward angle at which those who use cell phones to text hold their heads while doing so.

“A study performed a few years ago found that for every inch the head was shifted off centre, it actually increases the weight and demand on the spine by ten pounds,” says a chiropractor from St Louis in the United States, Adam Tanase.  “So just a head shifted forward an extra inch to an inch and a half, is going to be applying 20-25 pounds of extra pressure around the neck area which is essentially like wearing a tire truck around the neck.”

If left unchecked, “text neck” can actually result in irreversible arthritic degeneration.  Chiropractors are advising avid cell phone users to text while in a raised position and to consult chiropractors or physical therapists to learn about exercises that can relieve pressure on the neck.