Strategies for lowering cell phone bills

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These days, many Americans are feeling more financial pressure than ever before. Cell phones have become an indispensable part of modern life, but the simple truth is that you can probably save quite a bit on your monthly bill if you follow a few key pieces of advice.

Analyze your usage
The first step you need to take to trim your bills is to look at your current usage. If your contract allows you 1000 minutes per month and you typically only use 350, you may very well be able to switch to a lower cost plan without changing your habits at all.

Data usage is another area where you may be paying for access that you simply do not use. If you are paying for an unlimited data plan and you do not consume much each month, see if structured plans are available instead.

Cut back your usage

This is a little more effort, but it may well be worth it financially. Checking email does not usually consume very much of your download allowance, but watching streaming video does. If you can change your cell phone usage habits so that you consume less and can use a less expensive plan, do so. Another trick is to check your email by hand instead of letting your phone do it automatically. Even automated email alerts can really add up in terms of data usage. Turning them off could help you to save both data and money.