Samsung Hit 90 Percent Profits and Record 56 Million Phone Sales

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Samsung Hit 90 Percent Profits and Record 56 Million Phone SalesSamsung’s net profit rose to 90 percent in Q3 of 2012, showing that this year has been a great year for a company that has dominated the headlines worldwide. That 90% rise means that there profit is up to $5.9 billion (wow!).

Of course on of the biggest things that has helped is the coverage that they have had in the media with this on-going Apple war, it showed that despite all the negative and positive coverage, that Galaxy S3 sales were flooding in for them. It isn’t all about the coverage that they have had though, let’s not forget the phones and tablets that they have released this year, they have been jaw-dropping devices to say the least.

point Apple sold 26.9 million smartphones in Q3

point Samsung sold 56.3 million smartphones in Q3

Next year the competition will get tougher that’s for sure, as other companies push hard to make an impact in this thriving industry. If Samsung needs to work on any area of their products I think it would have to be in the tablet area which needs more focus to compete with Apple and Amazon, but hey they make some great TV’s as well which has helped profits soar.

In terms of Apple and Samsung’s business relations, well, these have been cut completely for 2013 as they won’t be providing each other with any components. At the moment Samsung provide Apple with LCDs but this won’t be the case come 2013.