Samsung Galaxy S4 Turns Into A Temperature And Humidity Checker

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Many homes around the country now have dehumidifiers – this is typically because there is excess moisture in the atmosphere and a dehumidifier will work by pulling this moisture directly from the air. Excessive humidity in the home can be caused by a number of factors, which include water that has made its way into your home via a flood or something as simple as a leak. Humidity may also enter the home due to extremely high humidity levels outside, which may be the case if you live in a region with a particularly humid climate, or perhaps you even live near a river, sea or ocean.

With that being said, it can often be difficult to gauge the level of humidity in your home, never mind whether you are suffering from one of the after-effects of high humidity, mold or mildew. However, one of the latest apps released for the Samsung Galaxy S4 should be able to alert you to whether your home suffers from high humidity levels and a potential mold or mildew problem. The app is more specifically aimed at measuring temperature, but has many other features which could help you to live in a fresher environment.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Thermometer

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Thermometer app will allow you to measure both temperature and humidity levels directly from your smartphone. This app ensures you don’t have to rely on local news weather reports, as all the vital information will be available to you first hand. However, it is important to note that the app will only work if you have an ambient temperature sensor on your smartphone, although a quick flick through your user manual should alert you to this.

If you wish to use the app to check for humidity levels, once again, you will require the inbuilt humid sensor, which is typically available on all Samsung Galaxy S4’s. The app also comes with a calibration option, which will ensure that your smartphone’s own battery temperature won’t be taken into consideration when providing you with a temperature or humidity reading.

The temperature can be read in both Celcius and Fahrenheit and you have the ability to log temperatures over a specific period of time. These logs will then typically be displayed in various graphs, thus allowing you to quickly and easily track changes in temperature. The humidity checker is especially important, as high levels of humidity can cause various volatile organic compounds in the air, including mold and mildew. Unfortunately, these airborne chemicals which will not typically be seen by the human eye are known to cause various illnesses and respiratory problems. So, if you or certain members of your family have been suffering with respiratory issues, but you’re not sure why, you may wish to check the humidity levels in your home.


The “Samsung Galaxy S4 Thermometer” app can be found in the “Weather” category of Google Play and will cost $0.99 to purchase and download. It is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy S4 devices, namely SGS4 and GS4 and will require an operating system of 4.0 and upwards. The app has already received a number of reviews and ratings from current users and the vast majority of these are extremely positive.

The author of this post, Ken Rogers, is currently working for Steamatic, a mold and mildew cleaning service provider. He regularly volunteers at a local senior citizen home. Click here to know more about him and his company.