Police Lead by Example on Cell Phone Driving Law

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Last updated April 12, 2019

The new state law in Nevada in the United States that bans drivers from using new or old cell phones while operating a motor vehicle does not go into operation for another two months yet, but Henderson Police are getting a jump on the new way of doing things – by banning police officers from doing the same thing as of yesterday.

Chief Jutta Chambers says that the new department policy is simply a way of making sure that the police force leads by example.  The law comes into full effect on the 1st of October, with fines and tickets set to be issued from the beginning of January next year for any drivers who still have not gotten the message by then.

“While law allows officers to use their cell phones in the performance of their duties while driving, we want to set an example for our citizens by driving safely and free from the distractions of handheld cell phones and texting,” Chambers comments.  “I hope the new law will make the roadways a little safer for the officers and motorists.”

Statistics have shown that there are more than 3500 crashes related to distracted driving in the state of Nevada each and every year, with around 71 fatalities in the last six years, according to the figures compiled by the Nevada Department of Transportation.