No Interest in Cell Phone Radiation App

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Last updated April 12, 2019

Do not expect to see an application that can detect the level of radiation coming from Apple iPhones anytime soon.  Steve Jobs has “no interest” in letting you find out.  That is official.

Startup company tawkon has developed just such an application and it is already available at stores such as Mobihand and from the company’s own website, and given the amount of concern that has been generated over the issue of cell phone radiation, they believed that their attempt to get it accepted into the official Apple App Store would be a success.   “Regardless of how concerned an individual is with risks caused by cell phone radiation, there is enough scientific findings to justify taking precautionary measures, especially for people (and their kids) who use their phone a lot, with many years of cumulative exposure”, the company says in a blog post.  Indeed, executives at Apple initially seemed very impressed by the app but failed to follow through on providing the specs necessary to get it into the actual Apple App Store.  Approaching Apple CEO Steve Jobs for assistance, Jobs responded with a two-word response that ended that idea once and for all.  “No interest”, he emailed.

The irony is, the iPhone actually scrubs up pretty well in the radiation front.  “Most of the time the iPhone doesn’t reach its maximum labeled SAR levels,” tawkon noted in its blog.  “However when it does, it is very easy to lower exposure by heeding tawkon instructions”.  Tawkon is now targeting its product at those who have been able to ‘jailbreak’ their iPhones.