New Fix for Broken Cell Phone Screens

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Last updated April 12, 2019

While touch screen cell phones are very popular, they are also particularly susceptible to breaks and cracks.  While taking out insurance is one way to try to protect such an investment, it is not the only option, and nor is it the cheapest.  After all, if someone does take out insurance, not only do they have to pay a monthly fee, but then a deductible on top of that in the event that the cell phone does get broken.

Now people are beginning to look for other options, one of which is independent cell phone repair companies such as Airtrack Devices, which is based in Greensboro.  “It takes a lot of time, a lot of patience, a lot of steady hands and precision,” notes David Morgan, the manager of Airtrack Devices.  “With every new phone model… they decide to design the phone itself in a new way and there’s one more little trick or secret about how to take it apart,” he says.  As for how the cell phones get broken, Morgan comments that “Most of the time you hear ‘My phone landed face first on the concrete.’ But every now and then you hear ‘My girlfriend got mad at me and threw it against the wall’.”

The company is able to swap out broken screens in around an hour, and it is usually far cheaper than the alternatives.