New Cell Phone Driving Ban Starts this Weekend

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Last updated April 12, 2019

A new ban on using a new or old cell phone while operating a motor vehicle begins this weekend in Nevada in the United States. The new law officially kicks in on the 1st of October, though police will only issue warnings rather than fines until the beginning of next year, in a bid to allow motorists time to get used to the new law before dishing out punishments.

Wireless communication stores in the state of Nevada are expecting to be doing big business over the coming days, with customers expected to be lining up in order to get themselves hands free cell phone technology, which are not covered under the new law. “It allows you to be able to answer your phone without actually having it to your ear,” says Marlon Young from Cricket Communications.

Police will begin issuing both citations and fines for drivers caught using cell phones to call or text people from the 1st of January next year. For the first three violations incurred by a single driver, the fines will continue to increase in value, with a fourth violation likely to result in a suspension of their driving license. The law is intended to cut down distracted driving and make the roads safer.

“It really distracts you from paying attention to the task at hand, which is making it to your destination safe and sound,” Young adds.